April 05, 2007

What's in Your Airgun Arsenal?

In the world of airguns, shooting, and hunting, you will find as many different opinions of what gun you should own as there are people. You’ll find the elitist who wouldn’t dream of owning anything less than the best available. You’ll also find the cash-strapped individual who has to save for months in order to afford the cheapest of airgun platforms. But by and large, I imagine that most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the pack.

As many of you know, I hunt….a lot. That is the main use for most of my airguns. But from time to time, I simply want to roll a can across the yard, or perhaps challenge my two boys to an impromptu game of tic-tac-toe with an airgun. Occasionally, I’ll have a group of folks over from my church, and we’ll pass the time in the backyard shooting with a number of my airguns. I’ve not been able to dive into the world of competitive shooting like some FT shooters, but one day I hope to get the chance.

I recently was browsing through some old posts on one of the airgun forums, and noticed a thread on shooting pest squirrels. One of the posters was using an old 10-meter competition gun, one of the German-made side-lever springers. He explained that it was the only gun he had, the only gun he ever needed, and he had no intention of buying another one. He went on further to qualify his use of that 10-meter gun by explaining the parameters of his shooting at squirrels….the range he found acceptable, the shot placement that he insisted on having, and the effect of his shooting. Suffice it to say that his one and only airgun met ALL of his airgunning needs….and he was happy.

So what kinds of airguns should you have in your arsenal? I’d have to answer that question with “the kind that makes you happy and meets your needs.” We aren’t all alike, and we each have expectations of our airguns, and if those expectations are being met or exceeded, well then, we are to be congratulated!

One activity that I enjoy is buying and trying out different kinds of airguns in order to get a broader exposure to what is available out there. But in my personal arsenal, I opt for one quality airgun of each kind that I can use hunting. I have a spring-piston, a PCP, a CO2, and a quality pumper that have permanent homes in the gun rack. I have several other airguns in those categories, but there is always at least one of each power-plant on-call for my personal satisfaction. They serve as back-ups to each other, and one or more of them gets shot at least weekly if not daily.

These airguns make me happy. And that is what is important in this airgun hobby that we enjoy. So as you are browsing around the website here at, find the gun that you think will make you happy. With the selection available here, you're bound to find something of interest to you.