July 09, 2007

Hunting Season is Approaching

If you enjoy hunting, then realize that it isn't too early to begin your planning for the upcoming hunting season. Small game seasons are just around the corner, with squirrel season for the Eastern grey and fox squirrel opening up as early as late August in many states east of the Mississippi River. Here in Kentucky, where I live, opening day is just 5 weeks away as I write this article.

When you prepare for the hunting season, make a list of what you need to have on hand in order to enjoy your sport. Here is a short list of things you need to make your airgun hunting a more enjoyable experience.

1. Your hunting airgun of choice in good working order.

Hopefully, you've been enjoying one of the greater advantages that airguns allow us as hunters....the ability to shoot year-round at pests and varmints, as well as plinking in order to keep your shooting eye tuned and ready for the "serious" pursuit of small game. If you haven't picked up your airgun in a few months, then check it out NOW in order to make sure it is in good firing trim.

2. Ammunition

Stock up on the ammunition of choice that your particular airgun shoots the best. If you are planning on hunting with a new airgun this year, put it through its paces and shoot some groups at different ranges with different pellets to determine the best ammo. Then purchase enough to get you through the season.

3. Sights

If you are like me, I wore glasses for 30+ years before undergoing Lasik surgery to correct my vision. I remember that when I would get a new pair of glasses, there was an adjustment period when shooting since my field of depth would change with the new prescription. Make sure your eyes are up to the task required of you when hunting.

Perhaps you are going to scope a gun that you've always shot with open sights in years past. Now would be a good time to get used to the new sighting routine with that particular gun.  

4. Airgun Accessories

Sometimes we find we need a new muzzlebrake, pellet pouch, an extra magazine for a certain gun....just that little something extra to make our hunt more enjoyable. Order your items early so that you have them in time to test and enjoy. Nothing spoils a hunt more than to take a new item out on a hunt to find that it doesn't work quite like you thought it would.

5. Scout your territory

Take a day or two and walk the ground where you are going to hunt at the time of day you intend to hunt. Don't wait until opening day to go to your hunting spot to find that the land owner had it logged, or perhaps there is a subdivision built there now. Weather and mankind can alter the terrain of your hunting area in just one season, and if you haven't been out to look around, do it before the season begins. Also take the opportunity to talk to land owners and secure additional territories to hunt in so that you aren't tied down to just one venue for your hunting enjoyment. Find out the public hunting areas available in your area and take a walk through them. Your pre-season scouting will increase your enjoyment and success. 

Using the product finder here at Airgun Depot, find the right item for your hunt, get it in your hands, and enjoy a great hunting season to come.