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Why Do You Enjoy Airguns?

Let me ask you a question that may have not been asked of you before:

Would you please explain to me what is is about shooting an airgun that you enjoy the most?

Now, once that question has been asked of you, I'd like for you to take a minute and think about your response before you put it into words. The rest of this article is my answer to that very same question.

"What do I enjoy the most about shooting an airgun? I suppose that as a hunter, I enjoy taking my prey with the least amount of power possible. The use of firearms in many of the places I hunt would be frowned upon, so I elect to use air guns instead. But that isn't the only reason.

I really do enjoy the satisfaction I get from hitting my target with a well-placed shot. One of my favorite activities is to simply plink with an airgun that can deliver the accuracy I demand of my airguns. Inaccurate air guns don't interest me all that much.

What I enjoy about shooting an airgun is the workings of the mechanisms employed to make the shot possible. The balance of a coiled spring pushing a piston forward just far enough to create that pulse that expels the pellet from the barrel on an accurate journey is sheer beauty. The balance of internal pressure in a sealed cylinder, when directed through a port to arrive behind the pellet, and being able to reproduce that effect shot after shot.....that is interesting stuff to me. The graceful lines of an airgun that incorporates all the moving parts needed to provide a workable power plant for the simple purpose of pushing a small lead projectile through a barrel.....those are works of art that show craftsmanship beyond any simple ability I have on my own.

The history of airguns is also an enjoyable part of my air gun hobby. Knowing even a little about the evolution of the airgun, who carried one in combat, who went on great journeys of discovery with an airgun.....that is neat stuff! I had no idea until I looked into it that the biggest airgun ever used in combat was on a US warship....a neat little tidbit for the history buff!

Shooting with my children is a great pastime, and air guns allow me to do that more frequently than if I used firearms for the same purpose. My children and I sit on the front or back porch and plink away at whatever target is available that day. The simple joys of rolling a can across the yard brings grins to my faces of my children, and ultimately to me as well. It also allows opportunities for safety training in a safer environment.

But perhaps the best thing that I enjoy about shooting air guns is the people I meet while doing it. I have made some very good friends that I talk with on a weekly basis, though we are separated by geographical locations and time zones. With the internet, I converse with individuals from all over the world who enjoy the same sport and hobby I do, though they may have different reasons for that enjoyment. The longest trip I have ever made in my entire life was made with fellow air gun shooters who I met on the internet.  And the swap meets and air gun shows I attend serve to further cement those relationships as we all get together to enjoy shared interests and  hobbies.

Air guns have enriched my life in a way I never thought possible. All I really wanted to do those several years ago was get the squirrels out of my attic.....I could not have predicted how much air guns would have changed my life a decade ago.

So.....why do you enjoy airguns?


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