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My Favorite Crosman Products at Airgun Depot

This post is a purely subjective post, with no reason for the nominations I make other than.....I like them! That's it! That is the whole reasoning behind the following products I'm going to discuss briefly.

Let's start with Ammunition:

For pellets, I choose the Crosman Premier.  Why? Of all the pellets I've tried over the years, I have found the Crosman Premier to be an excellent choice for almost every air gun I have. It isn't always the absolutely most accurate, but it always seems to come in among the top contenders on a very consistent basis. They are American-made, hard hitting, and come in the most common calibers available to please a majority of shooters.


The well-designed Crosman Premier in .177


Now. let's move on to Handguns:

Once again, the Crosman corporation has an almost universally-accepted contender for a favorite pistol. I am talking about the Crosman 2240, a work-horse of a CO2 gun for a lot of shooters. Widely available, with an enormous amount of modifications available from the aftermarket, this little pistol truly is a treasure. In stock form, it delivers accuracy and power. Want more? Dive into the world of modifying, and you'll find entire forums and websites devoted to just this one gun!

The Crosman 2240 CO2 pistol


Need a good rifle? Crosman can certainly deliver in that category. Here's my pick of the litter for this category:


The Benjamin Marauder has won my heart for an extremely economical bolt-action repeater that delivers power and accuracy. I know that it is labeled a Benjamin, but it falls under the roof of the Crosman corporation, and has become a wonderful seller for airgun companies, and a great shooting piece for the air gun enthusiast. With all the features of the more pricey European air rifles, this wonderful rifle competes with the best of them in the field or at the target range. My first squirrel hunt with the .22 caliber version gave me conclusive evidence that this gun would be a winner for some time to come for Crosman, and I applaud them for their work on this model.

The Benjamin Marauder, a 10-shot bolt action repeater from Crosman


In Accessories, I have to choose the following item:

Crosman CO2 Powerlets 

The Powerlet from Crosman powers CO2 airguns with a minimum of fuss, easy convenience, and the ability to carry extra power in the field with out the need for bulky tanks. Well made and able to fit most CO2 airguns designed for their use, this cartridge or powerlet is well designed and stable, and very simple to use. If you've ever wondered how these were made, watch this video for an explanation:

How CO2 Cartridges are Made



So, there you have it....my pick of the Crosman products featured here at Airgun Depot in the 4 categories of ammo, rifle, pistol, and accessories. Give us some feedback and let us know what item you like the best!


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