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Shooting for the Physically Impaired

This particular entry's title may come as a bit of a surprise. It is probably an unusual title, but is certainly appropriate considering my current physical condition.

This weekend I broke my back in two places. I had a lawnmower turn over on me and do a number on my spine, but I am home and wishing I could go out shooting. Here are some things I am confident of right off the bat:

1. I will NOT be shooting any hard to cock springers. I have a weight limit of 5 lbs. that I can lift with the doctor's permission. Nothing more! So trying to cock even a spring pistol, much less a rifle is out of bounds.

2. Bending over to get a good sight plane is out of bounds for several weeks. I have a brace covering my entire torso keeping my injured spine in place while it heals.

3.  Moving heavy air tanks from place to place in order to air up a PCP is going to be a problem.

4. Hand pumping doesn't even exist in my current universe!

5. CO2 air guns are going to save the day for me!


Once I took stock of my physical condition, I began to see some of the challenges that my physically-handicapped shooting brethren are trying to overcome on a daily basis. What I take for granted as easy to do and achieve has suddenly become almost impossible without some help.

The CO2-powered pistols such as the Crosman 2240 and the EB series of pistols from Benjamin will be the easiest air guns for me to enjoy for the next little while. Airgun Depot has quite a selection of other CO2 air pistols that would also fit the bill for shooting enjoyment. Here is a link to the entire category of CO2 pistols:

CO2 Pistols

These are some of the air guns that I can physically handle at this time, considering the weight limits the doctor has imposed on me, my own ability to aim and shoot, and enough accuracy for me to enjoy shooting at animate or inanimate targets.  There is also the added enjoyment of being able to shoot these guns inside with an adequate backstop in place.

Another range of air pistols would be the AirSoft line of air guns that Airgun Depot carries, too. Here is a link to those items which may be of interest to a shooter in my condition:

AirSoft Guns

Being physically challenged as a shooter doesn't have to mean you must give up shooting. You simply have to work around whatever obstacles are in your way to continue your enjoyment of a great sport. Let Airgun Depot help you out with their great selection of equipment for your shooting needs!


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