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How Scuba Tanks are Made

I have always found it helpful to know as much as possible about any given subject that interests me.....and knowing about the gear we use as air gunners falls in that category.

Here is a brief 7 minute video on how the high pressure scuba tanks are made. Many airgunners use this kind of setup to fill their PCP airguns, and understanding how they are made just adds to the enjoyment of our hobby.

Direct link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPJpufCj89I

Different tanks from different makers and made in similar fashion. The latest development in high pressure vessels involves the carbon fiber wrapped aluminum tanks that greatly reduce the weight of the gear. And there is a new development for firefighters that puts a flat pack tank, consisting of 5 different chambers, in a harness that is worn in place of the more traditional cylindrical tank on the back. It is slimmer and lighter, and is being tested according to the reports I have read.

Having a good relationship with your local fire department pays big dividends for the air gun shooter. I get my air for free, and as a thank you I will drop a turkey or ham by every so often, or several pounds of venison during deer season. The fire fighters appreciate it, and it goes a long way towards recognizing their contribution to your hobby/sport, not to say the least for the way they lay their life on the line when doing their jobs on our behalf.

Enjoy the video!


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