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The Lady Recon: Just the Right Size

April is a busy month in our family, mostly because there are so many birthdays that fall in April. One of those wonderful events is my daughter's special day, and all my friends probably had no doubt as to what her Daddy was going to get her. Yep....an airgun!

My daughter is only 9 years old, but she loves to watch me shoot, and shoot her older brothers' guns. But I thought it was time she had one of her own, and found this little gem of an airgun from Gamo called the Lady Recon. Complete with a hot pink stock, it keeps a little girl happy when shooting with the guys in the family, and the styling on the gun makes it uniquely hers.

As you can see, the size of the Lady Recon lends itself to children and small adults. With only 19 lbs. of cocking effort needed, even my little girl can cock it once I showed her how to brace it against her hip or a step of the porch. Notice, I also showed her how to continue holding on to the barrel while loading. This is a safety measure that keeps a shooter safe in the unlikely event that the barrel snaps back in place from a mechanical failure.


The Lady Recon comes with open sights, a polymer covering on the barrel, and a 3/8" scope groove for the times when you want to use a scope. The entire stock is synthetic, helping to keep the gun nice and light for our smaller shooters.

And did I mention it was pink? You should have seen the size of my little girl's eyes when she opened it.....not to mention the big grin!

My daughter was excited when she got her Lady Recon, and pestered me for two days before we actually had a chance to get out and shoot it. So I showed her the safety, how to aim, the proper way to cock it, and how to safely load it. And would you believe on her first shot, she hit the pop can dead center? Really! I'm not making that up! 

Here are some specs on the Lady Recon for you to consider when you purchase a gun for your little girl or fellow shooter of the fairer gender:

Gamo Lady Recon .177 Caliber Air Rifle- 525fps
Just 19 lbs. of cocking effort! Ideal starter gun for women & girls

Lady Recon
Ideal starter rifle for women or girls
Breakbarrel, with easy 19 lbs. cocking effort
Ambidextrous stock with dual raised cheekpieces
Pink synthetic skeletonized thumbhole stock
2-stage adjustable trigger
Fixed front sight, adjustable rear sight
11mm dovetailA machined shape (two parallel grooves) that allows easy clamping of accessories. grooves in receiver
Under 5 lbs.--easy to carry & hold for all-day shooting fun


The Lady Recon is currently selling for $79.99 at Airgun Depot. I have found the Gamo Recon a great little gun for my little girl, and I'm sure there are others out there trying to get their girls shooting with them. Give the Lady Recon a chance with them and see what happens.




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