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The Air Force Condor: Part 2

As promised, I've tried to do a little hunting with the Air Force Condor we talked about in our last blog post. Since there are no small game seasons open at the moment, I'm relegated to shooting at pests until the spring squirrel season opens here in my part of the world. I do have some opportunities for groundhogs, but haven't been able to sneak up on one yet.


Regardless, the Air Force Condor continues to do excellent duty as a fun gun to shoot, satisfyingly controlling the pests around my property.  I've been out to the barn and have managed to put down a starling or two over the past few weeks with it. I only took one pic of a starling since one starling looks just like another to me.....I can't even tell the males and females apart!

The most memorable shot so far was a 53 yard shot to the top of a very tall tree. The shot was taken from the back porch near the end of the day when the starlings are flying back towards their nesting sites. They will often stop off at designated points and voice their challenge to the world, or their satisfaction with it, and spend a few moments assaulting my ears with their warbling. I get quite a few shots at them in the evenings, as well as early mornings, if I am patient and move slowly. They are a watchful bird, and once you've educated them to the danger near your house, they will often avoid it. That is my goal, even if I don't kill them, they get an education and don't stop on my property, which gives my songbirds and bluebirds a respite from these marauders.

Anyway, a 53 yard shot sent a Korean heavy dome sizzling through the air, and the smack was audible even from 53 yards away. The total collapse of the starling from annoying noise maker to plummeting black object took less than 2 seconds, and the ground, far below, rose up fast and administered another smack upon impact. One down.....several million to go. No lack of targets with these critters!


As you can see, I'm still using the Air Force Condor in stock condition with the exception of an aftermarket frame extender on the front. This serves to lessen the report of the air gun, allowing expansion room for the gases, and the heavy pellets stay under the speed of sound, lessening the supersonic crack that occurs when you shoot too light of a pellet.

The power of the Air Force Condor is all one can hope for in a small-bore airgun. It ranks among the most powerful available, and delivers accuracy and performance that simply makes you smile....a lot!

I will continue updating the use of the Condor over the next few months as small game seasons come and go, and available pests show up for target practice. And perhaps an extra barrel or two will make its way into the case that holds this gun, offering added fun and versatility to an already great air gun.


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