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Airgun Depot's "Non-Airgun" Stuff

Whether or not you realize it, Airgun Depot carries non-airgun items that might be of interest to you. Let's take a look at some of the merchandise that falls in this category.


Crossbows are an item that Airgun Depot has put in their merchandise selection to address the needs of hunters and recreational shooters who enjoy crossbows and archery merchandise. Let's take a look at 3 of the crossbows offered by Airgun Depot.

The Bristol Jr. - designed as a teaching crossbow, this item shoots safety darts, and is wonderful for teaching hand/eye coordination. It is built from composite materials and should last for many years, perhaps teaching more than one youngster how to safely enjoy archery and crossbow shooting.

Use this little gem of a crossbow to safely teach your beginner, or to have fun indoors with family competitions and fun time. Got a rainy day? Break it out and shoot indoors with no problems!


Stepping up in size to a crossbow that will be suitable for small game hunting, you will find the     NC Star crossbow. This crossbow is simple, but powerful enough for the beginning shooter or veteran alike who wants a simple, easy to use light crossbow for rabbits or squirrels. Take a look at the features below the picture:


Integrated Compess in Stock
Front and rear sites adjustable for windage and elevatin
Compact light weight design-fun for all ages!.
Strong steel cable with brass pulleys.
Unique rear cocking system.
Ninety pound draw weight.
Front and rear sights pious a 3/8''dovetail rail.


Stepping up to the big boy of the crossbow family here at Airgun Depot, you find the Bristol Crossbow, a 150-lb. draw bow capable of deer and hog-sized animals. Sporting an optics rail in the Weaver-style, you can attach your optics for sighting in and head out afield.


The specs on this crossbow are:

Model Number- ABX285
Velocity- 285 to 295 fps
Weight- 8.5 lbs.
Length- 36"
Safety- Ambidextrous
Draw- Weight 150 lbs.
Stock- Composite
Limbs- Quad System
Riser- Aluminum
System- Cam Wheel
Optics- 3 Dot Red / Green Dot
Decoration- Realtree Hardwoods HD
Width- 26" Axle to Axle

With speeds rivaling many compound bows on the market today, this crossbow will serve the beginning and intermediate hunter well. Get to know the Bristol Crossbow well enough, and you may not ever need to upgrade, finding that this crossbow will serve all your needs depending on how you hunt.

So there....non-airgun stuff from Airgun Depot! Enoy!


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