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The Multi-Pump Pistol: A Handful of Fun

Multi-pump pistols have been around for a long time. The powerplant used is a tried and true combination of self-contained power and ease-of-use for the shooter. What simpler air gun is there that is as easy to shoot? Just think about it.....pump it up, load it, and shoot it with almost no recoil to worry about. Can't get that from a springer!

I often carry a multi-pump pistol in my truck or car for those moments when I'm out and about and a shooting opportunity arises. It could be I've seen a pest that is in need of ventilating, or perhaps I've gotten bored and want to shoot some targets where allowed. Taking up almost no room, the multi-pump pistol comes into its own in ease of storage and performance.

Airgun Depot carries a selection of multi-pumps that deserve your consideration when shopping for a new pistol. Take a look in this section here:

Multi Pump Pistols

One of the most popular pistols in this category is the Crosman 1377. This .177 caliber pellet gun can send a pellet down range with some impressive velocity for such an easy gun to pump. Consider the spceifications of this air gun:

Single shot bolt action

Velocity - up to 600 fps

32 oz. weight

13.6 inches of length

Rifled steel barrel

Adjustable rear sights


I've used the Crosman 1377 for short-range hunting and pest control for years. It always does its part. And you will find quite a few aftermarket parts for the 1377 that you can purchase online to upgrade your pistol.

Are you buying the 1377 as a gift for someone? Then consider the Air Pistol Gift Pack that combines a Crosman 1377 with Shatterblast targets and a tin of pellets. It's all you need to get started shooting!


Another worthy multi-pump pistol is the Benjamin HB Series of pistols.  These pistols are also self-contained shooters, available in both .177 and .22 caliber. Rugged construction has made this series of pistol a favorite through the years. The barrel is soldered to the pump tube for added rigidity, improving your accuracy. American walnut furniture adorns the gun, and the brass metal is finely finished in black.


Here are some specs for you on this type of multi-pump pistol:

In .177, velocity is 525 fps

All metal construction using brass

Length: 12.25 inches

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Rifled barrel

Bolt action single shot

Fixed front sighte

Rear sight adjustable for elevation


As mentioned above, the HB model also comes in .22 caliber, one of the few remaining .22 caliber pump pistols left.

Slip one these guns into your car, truck, backpack, or briefcase, and you have a great shooting tool at your call whenever you need it. With all the features they deliver, you will find the multi-pump pistols well worth your shooting dollar.


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