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How Much Airgun Do You Need?

Okay, a quick little discussion this week on "How Much Airgun Do You Need?" So let's get to it....

There are LOTS of different kinds of airguns. Every manufacturer out there is vying for your hard-earned dollar, and they will all try to convince you that their product is the one you need. But let's take a realistic look at just how much airgun certain kinds of airgunners need.

If John Q. Public likes to shoot in his backyard in surburbia, intending only to ventilate one of the most common backyard objects available to modern man (that is, the aluminum drink can), then just about any air gun that can hit the can at the distance allowed by a small backyard in the city will suffice. Happily, there are MANY airguns that fall in that category, and you can accomplish the aforementioned can-mangling event with some truly inexpensive examples of air gun manufacturing. You don't have to spend a lot to have a great time! If, however, there are some status issues involved in what John Q. Public wants to be seen shooting, he can spend as much as he likes in getting the can-mangler of his choice!

Now let's assume that John Q. Public is more interested in wearing the occasional outfit of camo, and taking a walk in the woods while doing so. It would be a safe bet that he is out after some form of moving target, either game or pest, and his air gun should reflect the level of power needed to do a good job of making that game animal or pest stop moving. Again, there are some wonderful candidates for such an endeavor, and like the backyard can mangler, he can spend as much as he wants on a suitable air gun to do the job. And, he gets to wear camo while doing it!

What's that? You notice that John Q. Public happens to have a competitive streak in him that is showing through? Well, say no more! There are competitions available that will satisfy the most competitive shooter you can name, from classic 10-meter Olympic-style shooting, to Field Trial, to long range bigbore shooting! "On Your Honor" postal matches can be found online, and impromptu neighborhood shoots are quite common in the airgunning world. And this category really lets you wind up the wallet for a hefty expenditure if you are so inclined! Top-rated shooters can spend literally thousands of dollars in gear to stay on the cutting edge of competitiveness.

There are quite a few John Q. Publics walking around that are very civic minded, and I'm not talking about riding around in a Honda all day, either. Nurturing the next generation of shooters while serving the public good is a wonderful outlet for our airgunning brethren who care deeply about the future of our sport. These individuals will spend quite a bit of their own money to ensure that every child that comes out to shoot will be able to enjoy the sport to the fullest. Quite honestly, we need more of this variety of John Q. Public!

Now, I don't know where you fall in this particular selection of shooters mentioned above, but what I'm getting at is this.....you can find what you need here at Airgun Depot. Take a look around, ask questions, and get as much airgun as you need for the kind of shooting you want to do!


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